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Build Insights with a Scalable, Modern Data Warehouse

Our certified Snowflake architects and engineers deliver state of the art analytics stack using Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and AWS / GCP cloud.

Snowflake development & Consulting

Our Snowflake Expertise

Snowflake Data Arvhitecture

Snowflake Data Architecture

Our certified Snowflake architects work with your business and tech teams to build foundation of your data analytics stack. Our layered data architecture combined with Extract, Load, Transform (ELT), enables you to build petabyte-scale processing capability and power the downstream advanced analytics and machine learning/AI models.

Machine Learning & AI with Snowflake

Machine Learning & AI with Snowflake

Snowflake's support for unstructured & semi-structured data, combined with its deep integration with AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage enables you to use Snowflake as a scalable data store for the Machine Learning & AI workloads in your data pipeline. Our Snowflake architects have deep expertise in building future-proof architectures to support your advanced analytics and Machine Learning/AI needs.

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ETL & ELT Data Pipelines

We build robust, scalable, high-performance, and maintainable ETL & ELT data pipelines by using Snowflakes and pipeline orchestration platforms such as Airflow, DBT et al. Our architects and engineers deliver highly automated data processing pipelines with comprehensive pipeline monitoring system to ensure adherence to SLAs and quick remediation.

Data Migration | Snowflake Development

Data Migration

We help you migrate your data from on-premise or cloud data warehouses and/or SQL databases to enable smooth transition from your legacy data stores to Snowflake. Depending on the data volume and schema impudence, our Snowflake architects come up with a recommended migration approach and plan to deliver the migration on-time and with high accuracy.

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Snowflake for your Industry

Thousands of organizations count on Snowflake to power their data strategies and deliver industry-leading products and services.

Marketing Data warehouse for customer acquisition


Build a comprehensive Marketing Data Warehouse for customer acquisition and customer 1st party data intelligence.

Snowflake in healthcare to drive better decision making


Aggregate clinical and operational data to drive better decision making.

Snowflake in Retail to drive planning & forecasting

Retail & E-Commerce

Drive planning and forecasting across the business functions through data-driven business intelligence.

Snowflake in Finance for improve efficiency


Improve efficiency, personalize product offerings, and manage risk through a secure and scalable cloud data warehouse.

Snowflake in Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Enable data driven content recommendation and personalized experiences.

Snowflake in Technology to build business intelligence


Build your business intelligence stack with scalable, elastic, and reliable cloud data warehouse.

Featured Customer Story

Social Media Analytics

Snowflake Based Social Media Analytics

A NextGenMediaCo (since then acquired by a Telco-backed digital analytics company) is a Singapore-based next-generation media company with a focus on Social Media boasting several million viewers for their Digital Channels.
NextGenMediaCo wanted to build a Social Media Analytics platform to measure and monitor key metrics - reach, engagement, and sentiment; and recommend content creation strategies to its clients.

The platform has over 7 billion data points with incremental growth of 200 million data points every month. The system comprises of crawling (API integration), Snowflake-based data pipeline, ML training pipeline, and DIY BI & visualization interface.

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Snowflake based social media analytics