Cross Platform Mobile App Development - React Native & Flutter

Lower your Time to Market without Compromising on
User Experience

We build engaging and intuitive cross-platform mobile apps with up to 50% reduction in time to market without compromising on the native like app performance.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Frameworks We Use

React Native

Leveraging React Native's approach of using native components under the hood, rapid development of Javascript/Typescript, and structure of Reactive application, we build intuitive, high-quality, and maintainable applications which match the performance of native applications while accelerating the product's time to market.


Using Flutter's unique approach of natively compiled code, we build exceptional user interfaces for mobile, web, desktop, and other smart devices. Leveraging the power of developing and maintaining truly single code-base, we ship products faster and reduce the maintenance /sustenance footprint.

UX & UI Design

We focus on turning problems into meaningful, intuitive, and user-friendly UI/UX for a consistent user experience. Our user-led design approach keeps the product's usability and users' natural behavior in mind. We follow the industry-standard UX & UI design frameworks and processes to deliver a great product experience to the end-users.

Performance Driven Engineering

To achieve the desired User Experience, our Mobile Engineers architect the application for performance, perform code profiling, and employ techniques such as data caching, background workers & multi-threading, UI layout optimization for rendering, and more.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance teams - both Manual and Automation - have decades of collective experience in delivering high-quality products. We have a stringent QA processes and Quality Metrics tracking to ensure you release a high-quality product. Our QA Engineers are adept at working with cloud device labs such as AWS Device Farm, Browserstack et al. which makes the QA process more agile and efficient.

Collaborative Development

Our UX designers, engineers, project managers, and QAs follow efficient and collaboration practices. They work closely with cross-functional teams and take initiatives to resolve interdependencies to deliver the project in time and within the given budget.

Collaborative Development

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Mobile App Development Process



We engage with you to understand your idea, its value proposition, target segment, short-medium-long term goals and high-level roadmap.



Our product managers work closely with you to discuss and define the product's North Star and Guardrail Metrics and turn the idea into a tangible roadmap.


UX Workshops

Our UX and Product Management team carries out in-depth discovery to understand the user personas, behavioral patterns, demographics/firmographics, customer journeys, competitor landscape to come up with user stories, user journey flows, and information architecture.


UI Design

Our UX team delivers Wireframes/Low-fidelity mockups and works closely with you to fine tune the design. A signed-off Wireframes/Low-Fidelity mockups are then converted into high-fidelity mockups and clickable prototypes which are ready to be consumed by the engineering teams.



We follow Agile development to iteratively develop, seeks feedback, and fine-tune the development. Our project teams are pro-active in seeking timely feedback and manage the iterations without impacting the product quality and performance.


Quality Assurance

We rigorously test the application for its conformance with the functional, performance, and user experience requirements. Our Product and UX teams play an active role in signing off the releases and provide feedback to ensure that the delivered product is of high quality.


User Acceptance Testing

We encourage you to perform user acceptance testing to ensure that your customers get to use the exceptional product. We set up the Beta testing of the application through iOS Test Flight and Playstore Console during this phase.


App Store Submission

We work closely with you to take the applications on the Apple Store and Android Playstore. Post launch, we make regular updates and maintenance changes to the application.

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