Omnichannel Chatbot Development

Deliver Delightful Customer Experience through Enterprise-Grade Chatbots

A mature chatbot is much more than the conversational interface and NLU/NLP. We build Chatbots that tap into various enterprise data sources, workflows, and business processes to deliver a delightful customer experience

Deliver delightful customer experience with omnichannel chatbot development
Conversational UX

Conversational UX

Conversational User Experience requires UX designers to think differently from the traditional web or mobile application interfaces.

Our experience of designing several conversational interfaces has enabled us to evolve an approach for seamlessly blending text/conversational elements with forms, polls, notifications, and media elements.


A consistent experience across all channels is key to delivering a winning and seamless customer experience. We have delivered complex chatbots for 5+ popular channels. Our chatbot backend architecture allows businesses to add new channels with ease. It gives the flexibility to experiment with new channels without having to compromise on the customer experience.

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Support for local language is crucial for the success of the chatbot. Our data science team has developed custom models, integrated open source frameworks, and platform APIs to provide support to 10+ international languages.


Tracking and monitoring the adoption, engagement metrics, and user behavior is crucial to iterate over the design and configuration of the Chatbot to continuously improve the key metrics - engagement, conversion, transactions, and NPS.

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Customer Stories

Coditation helped improve platform engagement within the marketing executives and top management cohort by 23% through a marketing analytics bot. The bot helps the marketers receive summary updates and enables them to query the performance of the marketing campaigns.

Learn how we helped a Healthcare AI startup design and develop a smart, workflow driven healthcare bot. The bot answers the common patient queries, guiding the patient through various processes, providing easy access to published content/information, and routing the conversation to human assistants through a seamless hand-off.

Learn how we built a finance and accounting chatbot for automating the financial workflows and information query by integrating with several popular third party SaaS finance and accounting systems such as Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, Zuara, and Stripe. The Chatbot helped improve the productivity of the financial and accounting staff by over 20%