Build with the Present and Future of Cloud Native Platform - K8

Build or Modernize to Cloud Native applications using a highly scalable, cloud agnostic, and on-premise deployment ready Kubernetes platform.

Present & Future of Cloud Native Platform- K8

Leverage Our K8 Expertise

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Our Developers are experienced in building services/applications using distributed, scalable, and micro-services architectures.

Analytics & Data Platform

Analytics & Data Platform

Run your data and analytics pipeline alongside the application infrastructure with Kubernetes operators such as Kubeflow or with an orchestration/pipelining platform like such as Airflow hosted on Kubernetes.

K8 Cluster Management

K8 Cluster Management

We manage your K8 infrastructure and help you honor your SLAs with the help of state-of-the-art APM and observability tools and well-trained & deeply experienced operations team.

Infrastructure as Code for Kubernetes

Infrastructure as Code for Kubernetes

Automate your application build, test, deployment, infrastructure configuration, and monitoring to achieve the desired release velocity, scalability, and observability.

The K8 Stack

Service Mesh

Service Mesh | K8 Stack

API Gateway & Service Proxy

API gateway & Service Proxy | K8 Stack
Thanos, grafana, Prometheus | K8 Stack

APM & Monitoring


CI/CD | K8 Stack

Serverless, MLOps, and Pipelining

Serverless, MLOps and pipelining | K8 Stack

Let's Go Cloud Native with Kubernetes?

Let's Build

Featured Customer Story

Datacenter Operations Transformation

Quote to Cash Platform, Infra as Code, and Platform Maintenance

Learn how we helped a DatacenterCo from Canada transform its quote-to-cash process through development of Kubernetes based micro-services solution. The solution includes automated build, test, and deploy, and state-of-the-art observability to ensure business continuity.

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Quote to Cash Platform