Conversational AI

Speech Enabled Interactions for Next-Generation Applications

Human-like interaction with your application takes user experience to the next level. Deep natural language processing and understanding applied to analytics and workflows provide users a viable alternative to traditional application-human interaction. At Coditation, we have built complex speech-enabled applications helping products deliver the next level of user experience

Voice Interaction UX

The user experience for Voice/Speed Enabled applications follows the well-established UX design process of Persona & User Research, User Journey Mapping/User Flows, Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Validations. At Coditation, we have evolved and fine-tuned this process for the voice interaction designs, covering minute details of voice interactions. This enables the Conversational AI applications to design seamless interaction experiences for the application users.

Domain Specific Knowledge

Conversational AI applications often serve a specific domain or an industry. At Coditation, we place a special emphasis on enumerating and accurately classifying the utterances belonging to the application domain. The knowledge base developed - typically a taxonomy, database or a knowledge graph of entities, intents, and roles - forms the backbone of the Conversational AI applications.

Speech AI - Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

If your application belongs to domains such as Customer Service or Mental Health, sentiment and emotion detection via Conversational AI becomes a key requirement. Our Data Scientists have developed an accelerator by training Voice Emotion detection models with hundreds of hours of Conversational data. The model tags the utterances with Sentiment and Emotion scores. Our expertise and accelerators help accelerate the development of applications at the intersection of Conversation AI, Sentiment, and Emotion Analysis.

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Customer Stories

We helped improve the user experience and drive the growth of a Cloud EHR by delivering a Medical Conversational AI. The Conversational AI listens to the patient-physician conversation and creates SOAP notes, lab orders, and diagnostic orders automatically. The system provides integration hooks to integrate with the EHR order management workflows and reporting sub-systems to provide a seamless and highly automated user experience.

We designed and built a Conversational AI backend and integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod to provide data querying capabilities and summary reporting for a Forbes fastest 500 Marketing BI platform. The Conversational AI helped our client drive the platform adoption in the Media and Marketing Agencies, achieving significant revenue growth.

We designed and built a Conversational AI for a mobile-first CRM with the goal of improving efficiency and data collection metrics. The system allows the Sales Reps to perform every-day functions such as setting appointments, adding notes, and tracking key metrics using the Conversational AI.