Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build Low Ops Products with AWS

We deliver scalable, cloud native, and low ops product architectures using AWS PaaS and IaaS services. Our automation first approach enables rapid iterative product delivery.

Build Low Ops Products with AWS
Products Delivered
Terabytes Data Processed
Data-pipelines Built
Micro-services Built
Product Engineering | AWS

Product Engineering

Use cloud native - micro-services, serverless, PaaS driven- low ops, scalable, and secure architectures to rapidly build, operationalize, and scale your product.

Data Platform & Analytics | AWS

Data Platform
& Analytics

Build your analytics stack using state-of-the-art Google Cloud data services for data pipeline engineering, data warehousing, machine learning and AI services, and scalable databases & datastores.

Infrastructure as a Code | AWS

Infrastructure as a Code

Our AWS certified DevOps experts enable your products to achieve rapid and iterative release cycles. Our automation first approach ensures highly predictable, maintainable, and SLA driven operationalization of your products/solutions.

Product Engineering with AWS

Build scalable, maintainable, and secure products and infrastructure using AWS PaaS and IaaS services. Enable rapid and predictable release cycles through automated build, test, and deployment.

Let's Build Cloud Native with AWS

Let's Build

Data Platform & Analytics on AWS

Build petabyte-scale data pipelines – ETL, ELT, Data science, and BI – with mature and rich AWS data services to unlock the value from your datasets.

Infra as a Code with AWS

Release your product rapidly and predictably with a fully automated build, test, and deployment pipelines.

We helped a Bay area startup serving Fortune 500 customers to automate deployment and patching of its multi-tenant Data Discovery and Archival platform. The platform is a S3, EMR, and Solr based platform which is automatically deployed, configured, and upgraded through AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudFormation and Ansible.

Learn how we helped Inc Fast 500 company's multi-tenant marketing BI platform to build, test, upgrade, and deploy the platform for over 3000 customers in AWS. The platform is built and deployed with Cloud Formation, Ansible, and Shell scripts.

We helped a Bay area AI group therapy startup to automate the deployment, white-labeling, and HIPAA compliance PaaS integration through application component containerization and API proxy configuration.