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We have deep understanding of Google Cloud's PaaS and Managed Services. We will help you architect and develop your product for scale, extensibility, and reliability.

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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Work with our Google Cloud Experts - Architects, Cloud Engineers, Data Engineers, and DevOps Specialists - to build a scalable and maintainable software product.

data Platform & analytics

Data Platform
& Analytics

Build your analytics stack using state-of-the-art Google Cloud data services for data pipeline engineering, data warehousing, machine learning and AI services, and scalable databases & datastores.

Infrastructure as a code

Infrastructure as a Code

Automate your application and infrastructure deployment, configuration, testing, and monitoring. Augment automation with our certified Cloud Engineers for remediation to ensure 99.5% application availability.

Product Engineering with Google Cloud

Build Cloud Native product architecture using PaaS services across the compute, storage, middleware, data engineering, and operations stack by Google Cloud.

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Data Platform & Analytics with Google Cloud

Build a scalable and insightful analytics solution using Google Cloud’s data and analytics stack.

Infra as a Code with Google Cloud

Automated Build, Deployment; Tools to Monitor & Experts to Remediate.

We built a federated deployment automation and configuration workflow using Orbitera - a cloud commerce platform, Google Cloud Build, Google Deployment Manager, and Google Cloud Functions. The automation involved provisioning of complex stack consisting of Big Query, Google Cloud Dataflow, Google App Engine, Google Run, and Google Cloud SQL.

We helped an EHRCo having a highly distributed Augmented EHR platform to do continuous integration of it's 20+ micro-services, front-end applications, and the data platform consisting of Google Big Query, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Composer cluster and pipelines.

We built a CI and CD pipelines for a Project Management and Collaboration SaaS Platform. The pipeline uses Google Cloud Build, Google Cloud Deployment Manager, and Google Cloud Functions to build, deploy, and configure the Google Cloud Run based micro-services, and ReactJS front-end application.