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Coditation helped Z### capture over 50% BNPL market share by delivering high quality financial D2C products


Improve the key metrics through product-led initiatives
  • Accelerate credit application and assessment processes
  • Boost Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reduce consumer attrition; improve customer loyalty
  • Amplify user acquisition by offering high-value, transformative services
Key challenges involved:
   User experience - simplifying complex processes
  Support 5 million+ daily transactions
  System integration - 3rd Party APIs and legacy services
  Low time to market
Key Projects
We undertook following key projects to meet the objectives:
Consumer facing mobile application with a revamped user experience
Fully automated loyalty and rewards to reduce user churn and improve CLTV
New user acquisition through fully automated bill payment services
Reduce credit turnaround time through comprehensive lender integration
Improve the repayments workflow and service experience to improve the NPS
Micro-services based service architecture for scalability and several QC initiatives to reduce service downtimes
Coditation helped the company achieve its objective of improving the product and business metrics through product-led initiatives. Over the period of one and half years, significant improvements in the New Customer Acquisition, NPS, and Customer Churn was observed.
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