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Our Tech Advantage

Core Focus Areas

Data and Application integration
Data and Application integration

Data & Application Integrations

Our team has delivered over 400 different connectors and system integrations - data and application integration - for BI, Data Science, and Workflow/Business Process automation use-cases.

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Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI

Our Data Science practice has the learning of iterative development and deployment of several models and pipelines in production. Leverage our mature data science team to build Machine Learning and AI powered products/solutions.

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Machine Learning & AI
Fullstack & Mobile Engineering
Fullstack and Mobile Engineering

Fullstack & Mobile Engineering

Our team has successfully designed, developed, and deployed over 100 UIs - RIAs, Micro-frontends, Mobile Apps (Native & Hybrid) - our team excels at crafting great user experiences end-to-end.

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Our Domain Experience

Industries We Serve

Martech product and Solutions
Martech product and Solutions


We have successfully built over 10 MarTech products and solutions. Our team of Product Managers, Architects, Engineers, and Data Scientists have developed a deep understanding of MarTech landscape and data platforms to solve complex MarTech use-cases.

Our MarTech Experience:
1. Customer Data Platform
2. Marketing Data Analytics
3. Campaign Performance Analytics
4. Marketing Data Warehousing
5. Churn Analytics & Growth AI

Ecommerce & Retail ERP Integration

E-Commerce & Retail

Make your E-Commerce and Retail platforms deliver 360 degree value through our deep expertise in building comprehensive E-Commerce and Retail stacks:

Our E-Commerce & Retail Experience:
1. Customer 360 & Customer Intelligence
2. ERP Integration
3. Location Planning & Proximity Marketing
4. MarTech Integration & Automation for E-Commerce & Retail
5. Predictive Modelling and Advanced Analytics
6. Content Management Systems & Storefront Platforms

Ecommerce & Retail Platfroms Customer 360, ERP Integration
Healthcare & Life science
Healthcare & Life science

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our Product and Engineering teams have a successful track record of delivering over 10 cutting edge Healthcare & Life Sciences products. We understand the processes and workflows which drive these industries and possess the technical know-how to build quality  products.

Our Healthcare & Life Sciences Experience:
1. EHR/EMR Integration - Hl7 and FHIR
2. Natural Language Processing for Clinical Literature and Notes
3. PACS & Diagnostic Imaging Repository Integration
3. Pharma CRMs
4. Clinical AI - Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Psychology, Radiology & Imaging
5. Group Therapy and Natural Language Processing in Clinical Psychology

FinTech Products and Solutions


We have helped several disruptive, status-quo challenging FinTech products and solutions to scale and re-engineer their platforms to keep pace with the rapidly growing transaction volume and consumer base.

Our FinTech Experience:
1. Micro-financing Platform Development & Re-Engineering
2. Consumer Lending Platform Development & Re-Engineering
3. Data Platform for Credit Scoring
4. Payout Reporting and Workflow Automation

FinTech Products and Solutions
Media and Entertainment Industry
Media and Entertainment Industry

Media & Entertainment

We have a track record of designing and developing complex software products for the Media and Entertainment industry by combining our Data Engineering, Data Science, and Full-stack Engineering practices with the institutional know-how of Media business workflows and processes.

Our Media & Entertainment Experience:
1. Analytics for Content Creators
2. Analytics for Media Planning
3. DDEX based Digital Value Chain Management & Analytics
4. Render Farm Management and Rendering Automation
5. Video Composition and Editing Platform


What our great customers are saying

“We've been partnering with Coditation on our engineering and data science needs from Day 1. They have an amazingly talented team and solid leadership. Our customers are very happy with us and we're all set to launch a big V1.0 of StepFunction product next month, thanks to the team's sheer talent, relentless efforts and leadership. We hope to continue partnering with Coditation for a long time to come and take StepFunction to the next level!“

Navneet Singh testimonial
Navneet Singh
CEO, StepFunction, SF Bay Area

Coditation experience for Huddl.ai continues to be that of a win-win mentality with quality teams and transparency. Their team has supported our organization in driving complex and critical projects on time with the responsibility of a committed employee. Would highly recommend them for augmenting your startup's needs!

Nava Davuluri Testimonial
Nava Davuluri
CTO, Huddl.ai, SF Bay Area

“Coditation as an organization stepped up and supported us with business transformation and mobile development projects. Coditation has strong technical talent pool and went above and beyond to support the projects which is their key to success. They have a seasoned and strong leadership team. I will strongly recommend Coditation for cutting edge technology projects. Keep up the good work Team Coditation!“

Karthik Testimonial
VP, Datacenter & Connectivity Provider, Canada

Coditation is an important partner for our product development efforts. Their agile sprint processes have helped us deliver important integrations that extend Confection’s reach. And I admire the way the Coditation team is always looking for ways to make our processes better. Time and time again, they’ve taken the initiative- on their own time-to sketch out and present us with high-impact improvements that our team hadn’t considered. I appreciate that they’re willing to think creatively and imaginatively about their customers’ best interests regardless of the project scope. This kind of initiative-driven partnership is invaluable. It’s exactly the kind of entrepreneurial input early-stage companies need.

Karthik Testimonial
Quimby Melton
CEO & Co-founder, Confection

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