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About Coditation
Coditation - founded in 2016 - is an outsourced product
development firm. It is founded by a serial entrepreneur with
a mission to provide high quality product engineering talent
to SEED-to-Series C firms.

We hire the best talent from top-tier engineering schools and
startups all across India. Since its inception, we have helped
50+ startups - including 5 unicorns - augment and scale their
product development teams.

Coditation operates centres of excellence focussed on emerging
technologies, tech stacks, software architectures, and software
development & delivery processes to ensure our customers have
the forward looking teams and partner to execute their vision.
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vTeam - ML & AI
  • Data Science Lead
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst                                           
Generative AI
Time Series Prediction
Natural Language
Computer Vision
Tech stack Coditation
vTeam - Backend/UI/Fullstack Engineering
  • Technical Lead
  • Senior Software Development Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • QA
tech stack Coditation
vTeam - Data Engineering
  • Data Engineering Lead                            
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
Tech stack Coditation
vTeam - Mobile Engineering
  • Technical Lead
  • Senior Software Development Engineer (Mobile)
  • Senior Software Development Engineer (Backend)
  • Software Development Engineer (Mobile)
  • Software Development Engineer (Backend)
  • QA                                                                                      
Native Apps
Television/ OTT
Tech stack Coditation
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What our great customers are saying
Coditation client - Stepfunction
“We've been partnering with Coditation on our engineering and data science needs from Day 1. They have an amazingly talented team and solid leadership. Our customers are very happy with us and we're all set to launch a big V1.0 of StepFunction product next month, thanks to the team's sheer talent, relentless efforts and leadership. We hope to continue partnering with Coditation for a long time to come and take StepFunction to the next level!“
Navneet Singh
CEO, StepFunction, SF Bay Area
Coditation Client
“Coditation is an important partner for our product development efforts. Their agile sprint processes have helped us deliver important integrations that extend Confection’s reach. And I admire the way the Coditation team is always looking for ways to make our processes better. Time and time again, they’ve taken the initiative- on their own time-to sketch out and present us with high-impact improvements that our team hadn’t considered. I appreciate that they’re willing to think creatively and imaginatively about their customers’ best interests. This kind of initiative-driven partnership is invaluable.”
Quimby Melton
CEO & Co-founder, Confection
Coditation client
“Coditation as an organization stepped up and supported us with business transformation and mobile development projects. Coditation has strong technical talent pool and went above and beyond to support the projects which is their key to success. They have a seasoned and strong leadership team. I will strongly recommend Coditation for cutting edge technology projects. Keep up the good work Team Coditation!“
Karthik Anand
VP, Delivery, Datacenter & Connectivity Provider, Canada
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