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Why Us?


Product DNA

The Founding team has conceptualized, built, and successfully exited a B2B product startup. We innately understand the needs and demands of building and commercializing a product.

We Hire the Brightest

We maintain a high bar for competence and attitude. This year, it took 100+ interviews/tests for each hire. We are committed to on-board top professionals.

Low Attrition

Our attrition rate has consistently been well below the industry average for last two years providing a continuity and predictability to your product/solution delivery.

Focus on Problem Solving

Technologies change, frameworks come and go, hence we have built a team of polyglots, elegant problem solvers, and quick learners.



Product Engineering

Leverage knowledge and approach of our top engineers and leaders to build cutting edge products and solutions.

Idea to MVP

Take your product/solution from one line problem statement/vision statement to idea canvas to the MVP in a matter of a quarter, not years.

DevOps & DataOps

We help you design, develop, and implement pragmatic DevOps and DataOps to enable agile releases/analysis, predictable software/data infrastructure and shorter change management cycles.

Performance Audits & Analysis

Audit your applications and infrastructure for the target up-time/latency requirements and SLAs. We help you identify the weak links in the application and deployment architecture and suggest a path towards remediation.

Data Analysis, Dashboarding & Reporting

Unlock the value from your datasets by leveraging our team of business analysts, data engineers, data analysts and data scientists. This team has required experience and expertise to work with the best BI and Analytics tools, and possesses sound business understanding to solve your data analytics problems.

Engagement Models

No matter how we engage, we focus on delivering the best products and solutions by deploying the best engineers, leaders and hard-earned knowledge of development and management best practices.

Extended Team

Choose from the pool of our top engineers, leaders and managers to build or augment your team.

Offshore Center

Utilize our decades of experiencing in building product development teams to hire right resources, dedicated to your team.


If you have requirements ready, our team of Business/Technical Analysts & Architects work with you to scope, estimate, kick-off and deliver the project.