Build High Performance, Enterprise Grade Front-ends & Apps

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Enterprise Grade Front-ends

Build an enterprise grade front-ends and applications using the popular javascript frameworks/libraries. We build for scale, maintainability, testability, and security with an emphasis on best engineering design practices.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs allow the ISVs and businesses focus on the content and delivery of the experience across different platforms with a significantly reduced operational overheads. We help ISVs and businesses reduce time to market, while being able to deliver engaging, responsive, high performance, offline-enabled apps through PWAs built with proven PWS frameworks.

WebRTC and Web Sockets@4x

Real-time Apps & WebRTC

Build high-performance collaboration – collaborative document/slide deck authoring, notes – and communication – chat and voice – applications using the real-time web stack – WebRTC, WebSockets, Firebase real-time datastore, and AWS Amplify.

Edge AI – Inference & Pre-Processing

Build high-performance, low-latency AI enabled systems through smart browser side pre-processing of data, images, audios, videos, and browser based machine learning inference techniques.

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API Flavours@4x


Build scalable, maintainable, secure, and standard – GraphQL, OpenAPI Specification, OData compliant APIs using combination of web micro-frameworks, web proxies, API gateways, ORMs, OAuth/SAML providers, and load-balancers.

Web Components & Micro-Frontends

Build Web Component based front-ends to deliver a re-usable, interoperable, portable, and decoupled front-end applications. Combine the power of Web Components with that of Micro-Frontends to maximize the gains achieved in modularization of your back-end code.

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Progressive Web Applications: A quick introduction

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