Build reliable,

resilient and scalable

data pipelines

Data amico
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Data Integration Pipeline

Combine data from various internal and external data sources to enable downstream Dashboards/Reports, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning/AI. We help build scalable – for petabytes of data and extensible – supporting hundreds of data sources – ETL/ELT data pipeline.

Data Pipeline: Orchestration and Choreography

Manage the data pipeline states and steps through Orchestration Engines, Schedulers, Choreography, and Orchestration/Choreography Hybrid Architecture.

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Data Mastering@4x

Data Validation, Transformation and Mastering

Build effective Data Validation, Data Transformation, and Data Mastering logic for preparation of data to power Business Intelligence and Machine Learning/AI use-cases.

Data Ops

Make analytics infrastructure agile and reliable: Build analytics infrastructure which responds to the changing business needs and achieves high reliability through monitoring, observation, lineage/governance, remediation, and collaboration.

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data engg stream processing

Stream and Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Integrate stream – audio/video data and event data – such as HL7 events, IoT events – and perform windowing, transforms and aggregations.



Data Integration in the age of Analytics and ML/AI

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Optimization Techniques: ETL with Spark and Airflow

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