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Google Data Studio - Snowflake Connector

Build Great Dashboards and Reports with Google Data Studio & Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse


Configurable Data Sources

Create and combine data sources using the configurable connections to Warehouses, Schemas, and Tables

Custom Queries

Specify a custom query while creating a Data Source to query joined, aggregated, or filtered data

Access Control

Specify the Role while creating the datasoruce – either by connecting to the table or by specifying the custom query

Dashboard Templates

Customer Service

Dashboard to track key metrics associated with the support calls, tickets, agent evaluation and capacity planning insights for the customer service teams.

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Customer Success

A dashboard for the CMOs/CROs and CSMs to track the Metrics and KPIs driving the Customer Success function of the business.

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Track the performance of marketing campaigns by visualizing and analyzing the KPIs and Metrics across the different marketing channels.

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Data Volume
Dashboards & Reports

Proven, battle hardened service to power your Dashboards and Reports

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